Handmade Cushions Perfect for Small Living Spaces

Judy W. Faulk

Anyone who lives in a confined or small space knows the struggle of not being able to purchase the furniture they want. You need a sofa, but there is not much space for furniture. That is why, apartment residents should know the different sofa that best fit the kind of space they have. Additionally, a dull sofa needs a unique crafted handmade cushion which is available in Yorkshire Fabric Shop. Check out our mood board so you could explore the different options that are open to you and to complement the chair you have inside your house, your apartment or condo.

Despite this challenge, there are still numbers of chairs and handmade cushions available at stores that can be installed and placed in any room, which is very suitable for narrow spaces.

Aside from knowing different types of chairs that are perfect for small spaces, it is also crucial to familiarize yourself with different types of cushions. Most cushions can be used for functional and decorative purposes because they support the head, neck, and back, ad help to sit or increase visual attention.

Read on to learn about the different types of handmade cushions perfect for small living spaces.

  1. Handmade Cushions for Window Seat

Handmade cushion by the window is a good place to sit and relax, read a book or enjoy the scenery. Additionally, it maximizes your space. The window seat handmade cushion provides a comfortable cushion for sitting and can be suitable for any decoration.

  • Handmade Cushions for the Chair

Since you cannot purchase easily a sofa because of the small space you have, you can purchase and get a chair instead. It is simple yet it is still comforting just as a sofa. You can put a handmade cushion on your chair to make it more comfortable to sit on.

The handmade cushion on the chair can be made of memory foam, polyester fiber filler or other fiber wrapped inside the fabric, and is designed for the seat. The handmade cushion of the chair supports your back and spine, improves posture and blood circulation, and helps relieve the discomfort caused by sitting on hard surfaces for a long time. The handmade cushions on the chair can hardly support the upper back, neck or legs.

  • Handmade Cushions for Bench

If you have a balcony on your apartment or maybe a small area outside your house, you can have a bench for sitting. Bench cushions are suitable for indoor or outdoor benches on terraces, living rooms or entrances. The outside of the cushion is usually composed of dirt and dust-resistant fabric, and is usually filled with foam. The bench handmade cushion accentuated the body instead of relying on pillows or cushions alone, but does not support the lower back.

  • Handmade Cushions for the Floor

This handmade cushion is also very ideal for small spaces living. It’s not that you cannot afford buying a sofa but you are just saving a space for your room. The thickness of the floor cushion must be large enough so that it will not loosen in the seat and sleeping position. Most of these cushions contain square and rectangular shapes, which can help you relax while watching TV, practice meditation every day and reduce burden of life. However, the disadvantage of having a floor cushion is that it is very prone to dirt and stain because of the fact that it is placed on the floor. But there are still fabrics that are stain-resistant perfect for your floor handmade cushion.

  • Handmade Cushions for Chaise Couch

Chaise chairs can remain comfortable in an upright state, but they are designed to stretch independently, so they are perfect for resting, reading or napping. Structurally, it is basically a sofa with a backrest at one end. But unlike a sofa, it is structured for single user only. Thus, it saves up more space on your home, apartment or condo.

             It is perfect to pair your chaise couch with perfect handmade cushions. This kind of cushion has the stylish and comfortable decoration of a chaise couch for outdoor and indoor use. This will support the upper and lower body giving you the kind of relaxation you deserve.

  • Handmade Cushion for Rocking Chair

Very traditional but is still widely used today. The rocking chair can move smoothly, bringing a comfortable feeling. The idea of the rocking chair is to combine the upholstered lounge chair and the rocking frame to realize the movement of the frame in a comfortable and exciting way, and to introduce a new convenient form. Moreover, the rocking chair uses more cushions or padding, you can easily install non-slip cushions. Since most rocking chairs are made of a strong but hard surface, the handmade cushion of the rocking chair keeps the seat and back comfortable when rocking back and forth.

  • Handmade Cushion for Wicker Furniture

Traditionally, wicker is made of plant materials, such as willow, rattan, reed and bamboo, but now synthetic fibers are also used. Wicker is light but strong, so it is suitable for items that move frequently, such as porches and patio furniture. This is also a great alternative if you are living solo and has a small space. This kind of furniture is beautiful indoors and outdoors, and usually requires handmade cushions to provide good stability. These handmade cushions will help support your back, hips and legs while resting.

  • Handmade Cushion For Bed

If you are living in an apartment where you have to maximize the space you have, then you do not need to purchase a bigger sofa. Your bed is enough. You can make use of your bed as a seat right beside your study table. Additionally, you can install a built-in storage or a mini cabinet to keep your other stuffs there. Moreover, there are handmade cushions perfect for this kind of set up. You can have three handmade cushions if your bed is smaller and a maximum of six handmade cushions if you have a king-size bed.

I hope I have helped you choose handmade cushion perfect for small spaces living. For more information, you can head directly to our website Yorkshire Fabric Shop to discover many options of handmade cushions perfect for your space or room.

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